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Meet the Team

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Caleb D. Brown "CDB"
Caleb is the Covey Team Owner & simulator director. Caleb is an experienced VATSIM Pilot with over 5 years experience and thousands of hours flying in the virtual world - My goal is to bring the viewer the best quality flight simulation content available. 



Levi "Levy" Shaw
Levi is one of the Team Covey Managers who help oversee the software side of the sim to try to make the process as smooth as possible. This also includes making sure we aren't in the ocean mid flight. Levi also holds an S3 Rating for Air Traffic Control within the VATPAC Division


Jack "Jackers" Coffey
Jack is being a part of WorldFlight for the first time joining Team Covey. Jack himself has been involved heavily in the flight simulator community since 2020, when he joined VATSIM as part of the VATPAC Division. Through simulation Jack prides himself on bringing realism and passion into every flight he does, flying everything from an A320 to Q400’s and now our 737 Sim. To be a part of such an awesome team like Team Covey allows us to collaborate and immerse ourselves in an awesome simulator whilst raising money for Charity.


Ethan Grocke

Ethan is becoming part of the WorldFlight team for the first time joining Team Covey. He has always had a passion for aviation but it was really only at the start of 2020 where the interest really grew. Ethan begun his flight simulation journey in 2020 where he begun flying on the VATSIM network. He hopes to gain his S2 controller rating this year - "I very much look forward to being apart of the Covey team for WorldFlight 2023"


Zadok Styles

Zadok is a lifelong, avid aviation enthusiast. Zadok is new to the flight sim world, and is currently learning the Operating Procedures of the 737. Once he is fully trained, this will be his first time participating in WorldFlight. He looks forward to joining the ranks of pilots in the virtual skies.


Colin Atkinson

A childhood dream shattered by the realisation that colour blindness would prevent him from pursuing a career as a commercial airline pilot, Colin instead embarked on a journey of self-learning when he found out there was such a thing as a flight simulator for the home! With over 40 years of experience in flight simulation, starting from the days of the humble Sinclair ZX Spectrum's "Flight Simulation" in 1982, to the more advanced Commodore Amiga's "A320 Airbus" in 1991, and through all the iterations of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Colin looks forward to the opportunity to test and share his knowledge as a member of Team Covey for the 2023 Worldflight event.


Brendan Karrasch


Freddie Howard


Mitchell Burgess

Since a young age I have experienced global travel and lived as an expat on and off since 2008. This formed my passion for all things "aviation". I am also currently in the process of obtaining my Commercial Pilots License at Air Gold Coast. I joined the VATSIM community back in 2020 with the intention to enhance realism to my flying.


Dylan McEvoy

After having an interest in aviation when I was young, my parents put me on my first ever flight lesson for my 11th birthday. I have loved flying and aviation ever since and was lucky enough to obtain my 'Recreational Pilot Certificate' in 2021 when I was 15. I look forward to seeing where flying will take me in the future. I find flight simulation is a great way to contribute towards RL flying and have appreciated the use of VATSIM for the past 4 years. I am excited to fly for Team Covey 2023. 


Benjamin Yacoub

I'm Ben, passionate about flying. Pursuing my private pilot's license in real life and exploring virtual skies on VATSIM. Whether studying weight and balance charts or connecting with fellow enthusiasts, I live for the thrill of flight. Sky's not the limit; it's my playground, where dreams take flight!


George Goodman

Been in flight sim for 11 years, with FSX, P3D & MSFS. I am studying electrical engineering, I enjoy cricket and golf

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